The journey to becoming a social entreprise

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To begin, I need to clarify that this blog entry is inspired by Luis Suares ( sorry folks, not the soccer player, but the learning leader that is living and working without e-mails) He once wrote about how much time it takes to become a Social Enterprise , and I have to be honest with you,  I totally agree with him.

I had connected with Mr Suares a few months ago, on Google+, and shared my take on the end-to-end course that includes the initial stages of  a sparked interest to become more social at first , then onto the ultimate, the icing on the cake, the emergence of Communities of Practice  .

Here we go, re-posting my thoughts

I enjoyed reading this post…
Agreed, no big bang approach will work for massive adoption. It’s a journey, marathon in deed.

This great social work movement can be considered as working in complexity, which is all about playing a new role, more of a redefined way of being at work than just doing work. It’s where people matter most and networks can determine one’s net worth.

‘’Social Business is about connecting the right actors together to create value and provide deliverables that can fit the immediate context, making an organization more responsive and agile.’’

Good People systems create trust and collaboration during social business cycles and directly impact the culture.

This type of reinforced value will influence the good actors to evangelize about their work experience, their ongoing journey to fulfillment.

The new empowering effect and demonstration of word of mouth will peak other’s interests, and this is when learning by lurking manifests itself. Only then, gravitation towards the core of work communities will make work experiences more human and connected.

This is what I had shared a few months ago…What do you think? How is your journey going?


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  3. Mica Oneil says:

    Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou .

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