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Beneath the surface

This post is inspired form informal conversations I had with friends, blogs I read and some that I had commented on… what is this about? Here we go… I am noting that Social technology is inquired about and adopted first, … Continue reading

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Connecting Learning, at work

Connecting the dots Connected Learning, now I ‘’get’’ it, or should say, starting to ‘get’ it, more & more each day. This post is one of a few more on how I was able to ‘’get’’ the concept what Connected … Continue reading

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The journey to becoming a social entreprise

Thanks Open Web To begin, I need to clarify that this blog entry is inspired by Luis Suares ( sorry folks, not the soccer player, but the learning leader that is living and working without e-mails) He once wrote about … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Open Learning House

In this space, I choose to write my own thoughts based on life and work experience. I invite everyone into my Open Learning House to share what you think, if you care to. Once in a lifetime, we walk this … Continue reading

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What is Social Learning ? The Million dollar question …

What is Social Learning? The Million dollar question … This question has been asked on Quora , and there has been many insightful takes on it… Also, another interesting article regarding this very topic and valuable citations can be found … Continue reading

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